Adswag’s Gateway: Efficiency and Control

At the core of Adswag’s technological contribution is the implementation of the Gateway at Game Mania. This advanced ad server integration provides publishers with control over access to media and data, while advertisers can benefit from accountability, transparency, and flexibility. This enables Game Mania to deliver interactive and engaging ads to the gaming community on in an efficient and controlled manner.

Retail Media Innovation: Complete Advertising Experience

Adswag adds another layer of innovation with its Retail Media solutions. By leveraging media and data generated from the initial visit to Game Mania until the moment of purchase, advertising on becomes a comprehensive experience. Advertisers can now reach their target audience with targeted campaigns, utilizing targeting based on demographics, context, search behavior, and purchase behavior. Additionally, reach extension can be applied.

Unique Ad Formats Thanks to Cavai

Cavai, with its unique ad formats and sales expertise, adds an extra dimension to the collaboration. Advertisers can now benefit from interactive, video, and rich media creations on, thanks to the synergy between Cavai’s formats and Adswag’s technological infrastructure.

Adswag’s Mission: Empowerment Through Technology

Adswag, in collaboration with Cavai and Game Mania, embodies the mission to empower businesses with a strategic and efficient approach to digital ad space acquisition. Adswag’s technological innovations provide control, efficiency, and insights, allowing advertisers to communicate with the gaming community in a unique and efficient way.

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