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In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, technological possibilities are expanding rapidly, presenting both opportunities and complexities. At Adswag, we specialize in providing consultancy services that empower advertisers, agencies, and publishers to navigate these changes effectively.

Consultancy: Adswag serves as your trusted partner, offering insights and support in understanding and adapting to the evolving online media landscape. We help you leverage technological advancements while maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s complexities.

Publishers: Take control of your media inventory and utilize data securely and legally with Adswag. Our Adhese Gateway enables comprehensive auditing of programmatic partners and monetization of anonymous users, ensuring publishers have a clear view and effective management of their resources.

Advertisers & Agencies: Discover transparent and direct integration solutions with publishers through our online marketing offerings. Adswag establishes specific marketplaces tailored for purchasing video, display, or native ads directly from a proprietary console, providing advertisers and agencies with efficient and effective solutions.

Data Strategy: Enhance your data strategy and management with Adswag’s advice and support. We prioritize high-quality data access and collaborate closely with partners to achieve optimal results. By integrating external data sources with Adhese technology, we elevate your data management practices.

Retail Media: Adswag goes beyond traditional retail media services; we offer a comprehensive solution. Our approach extends beyond measurable media placements, incorporating advanced ad technology support. From optimizing brand visibility to fostering effective audience engagement, we focus on making your retail media strategies more efficient.

Adserving: Enter the world of efficient, auditable, and controlled digital advertising platforms with Adhese Gateway (for publishers) and Adhese Dale (for advertisers). Publishers dictate access rules to their media and data, while buyers enjoy accountability, transparency, and flexibility. Our platform accommodates both identity-based and anonymous advertising, aligning with legal and technical considerations for each pageview or ad impression.

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Adswag NRC

Enhanced Advertising Strategy of NRC.nl with Adhese Technology

NRC.nl, a prominent Dutch news publication, has embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance its digital advertising capabilities while prioritizing user privacy and experience. Through the utilization of Adhese advertisement technology in conjunction with Adswag, NRC.nl aims to optimize its advertising revenue streams, ensure GDPR compliance, and improve user engagement through targeted and relevant content delivery.

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