Client: IGMN
Sector: Multi-Brand Marketing
Services Rendered: Customized Dynamic Advertising, Integration with Real-time Data, Effective Media Buying Strategies


IGMN, a leading agency with a wide range of brands, sought to elevate their online presence through advanced digital advertising strategies. They partnered with Adswag to develop a dynamic advertising solution, tailored to the distinct requirements of each brand within their portfolio.


  • To create flexible and dynamic advertising content, suitable for various brands.
  • To integrate a system that updates advertising content in real-time, ensuring relevance and specificity to each brand.
  • To employ a savvy approach to media buying, maximizing effectiveness across diverse digital platforms.

Strategy and Execution

  1. Dynamic Advertising Solutions:
    • Adswag engineered versatile advertising creatives, inclusive of a customizable carousel feature, enabling the display of distinct brands and their unique offerings.
    • These advertisements were designed to automatically adapt to the aesthetic of the host domain, ensuring uniformity in user experience across various websites.
  2. Tailored Real-time Data Integration:
    • The advertising system was linked to IGMN’s live data feeds, allowing each advertisement to present the most current promotions and offerings for each brand.
    • This seamless integration guaranteed that the advertisements remained current and aligned with each brand’s ongoing marketing initiatives, eliminating the need for manual revisions.
  3. Efficient Media Buying via Adhese Dale:
    • Utilizing Adhese Dale’s capabilities, IGMN accessed a comprehensive marketplace for media purchasing.
    • This strategic approach was crucial in reducing technological expenses and in identifying optimal advertisement placements for each brand within IGMN’s assortment.
    • The media buying process was refined to assure that each advertisement reached its intended audience in an environment congruent with the brand’s identity.


The collaboration with Adswag signified a pivotal moment in IGMN’s digital advertising approach. The innovative and adaptable advertising solutions yielded significant increases in online engagement for their diverse brand portfolio. Strategic placement of advertisements across various platforms led to enhanced visibility and interaction, culminating in a substantial improvement in marketing outcomes for IGMN’s clientele.

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