Executive Summary

In this business case, we will explain the build of an online marketplace with Adhese Dale for Candid Media Group. The main goals of the marketplace:

  • Shorten supply chain.
  • Transparency of media budget for publishers and advertisers.

Candid Media Group is a platform of strong and independent specialized agencies. We offer a full set of media, creative and digital agencies providing creative solutions for every phase of the marketing funnel.


Candid Media Group: The independent platform for media, creative and specialized agencies.

Candid Media Group is a Dutch platform for independent agencies like Stroom, M2OC, Brand Potential, Creature, Coopr and Positive. Candid Media Group is headquarters located in Amsterdam. In 2021 Candid Media Group has expands their business to the United Kingdom with the acquire of UK based Brands Potential.

The Dilemma of the online advertisement landscape

The online advertising landscape has many players that have a piece in the online advertising landscape. From online ad-servers, data management platform (DMP), Demand side platform (DSP), supply side platform (SSP), user verification tools and a lot more technology vendors are facilitating the online advertising ecosystem.

Because of the big number of vendors, an average agency has at least 5 different buying vendors to manage an online advertising campaign. Candid Media Group has asked us to build an advertisement marketplace for online display, video and audio.

The Case for Adhese

Why Adhese?

Adhese is a highly regarded ad-serving platform that offers advanced targeting and monetization options. With the direct integration at the publisher’s side (Adhese Gateway) it allows Candid to programmatically buy online display, video and audio inventory on premium publishers inside a single platform.

  1. Improve transparency: With Adhese Dale directly integrated on the Adhese Gateway all the media budgets spend is transparent. There are no hidden fees.
  2. Improve campaign optimization: Optimize VTR, CTR and Viewability to get the best out of the campaigns.
  3. Holistic platform: One technology for online video, display, audio, native and DOOH.

The Case for Adswag

Why Adswag?

Adswag is a service company that facilitates campaign management and invoicing for Candid Media Group. Adswag highly specialized campaign managers have the best reputation of campaign performance and excellent service.

  • Campaign management:
    • Setup campaigns to reach the correct audience with contextual or 3rd party data.
    • Optimize campaigns for best performance based on the KPI (CTR, VTR, Viewability, etc).
  • Reporting Dashboards:
    • Customized Dashboards for internal and external clients.
    • Integrated with 3rd party data (API) to analyze campaigns and performance.
    • Campaign report on domain level. (Transparency and brand safety.)
  • Invoicing:
    • Facilitate IO based campaigns (direct).
    • One invoice for all campaigns (direct and programmatic).
    • No contracts needed with publishers.
  • Support:
    • Publisher integrations.
    • technical setups.
    • consulting internal and external clients.

Why Candid Media Group chose Adhese technology with Adswag service

With almost all premium publishers connected to the Adhese Gateway (+1000 websites) the Candid Amplify Marketplace had access to billions of impressions as of day one. There is no investment in tech or people needed to start the Candid Amplify Marketplace. No need to make contracts with publishers or tech vendors, everything is done within one technology supported by experienced people.

  1. No investment in technology: With Adhese Dale there is no investment in technology, people or knowledge. Plug and play.
  2. No investment in people: With Adswag Managed Service Adswag will take care of all campaigns, reporting and invoicing. No need to hire people.

Implementation and Next Steps

The implementation of the Candid Amplify Marketplace has been phased out and executed for online video, CTV, online audio, native and display. Next steps will be adding DOOH to the marketplace. Adding new features with AI driven solutions, Dynamic creative optimization for audio and video. Let’s build the future of a technology.

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