The primary objective of this business case is to outline the benefits and potential outcomes of integrating Adhese technology within NRC.nl’s digital advertising ecosystem. This includes leveraging first-party domain ad serving, implementing a cookieless environment (with functional cookie exceptions), enabling branded content and advertorial options, and facilitating flexible deployment of the paywall feature.

Solution overview

  • First-Party Domain Ad Serving: nl will utilize Adhese’s first-party domain ad serving capabilities, allowing for the delivery of advertisements directly from the NRC.nl domain. This approach enhances user trust by ensuring that all advertisements originate from a trusted source, mitigating concerns related to third-party tracking.
  • Cookieless Environment: nl will maintain a cookieless environment, with exceptions made for essential functional cookies to preserve site functionality. This aligns with evolving privacy regulations, such as GDPR, while still enabling personalized content delivery and advertising targeting through alternative mechanisms.
  • Branded Content and Advertorial Integration: Adswag, an official partner of Adhese, will facilitate the integration of branded content and advertorial options within NRC.nl’s advertising portfolio. This allows for the seamless incorporation of sponsored content while maintaining clear differentiations between editorial and promotional material.
  • Quality Views Measurement: Adswag, in collaboration with Adhese, will implement comprehensive measurement metrics such as scroll depth and time on page. These metrics enable NRC.nl to report on quality views, providing advertisers with valuable insights into user engagement and interaction with their content.
  • Flexible Paywall Deployment: Adhese’s interface will enable NRC.nl to dynamically adjust and test different configurations of its paywall feature. This flexibility empowers NRC.nl to optimize its subscription strategy based on real-time performance data and user feedback, ensuring maximum conversion rates while preserving access to quality content.

Expected benefits

  • Enhanced User Trust and Privacy: By leveraging first-party domain ad serving and maintaining a cookieless environment, NRC.nl reinforces user trust and privacy, aligning with evolving regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.
  • Improved Advertising Relevance: The implementation of Adhese technology enables NRC.nl to deliver targeted and relevant advertisements, enhancing user engagement and driving advertising revenue growth.
  • Increased Advertising Revenue: Through the integration of branded content and advertorial options, NRC.nl expands its advertising portfolio, catering to diverse advertiser needs and unlocking additional revenue streams.
  • Actionable Insights: Comprehensive measurement metrics provided by Adswag facilitate data-driven decision-making, enabling NRC.nl to optimize content delivery, advertising strategies, and subscription offerings based on real-time performance data and user behavior.


The adoption of Adhese technology, in collaboration with Adswag, represents a strategic investment for NRC.nl in enhancing its digital advertising capabilities, ensuring GDPR compliance, and improving user engagement. By leveraging first-party domain ad serving, maintaining a cookieless environment, enabling branded content and advertorial options, and facilitating flexible paywall deployment, NRC.nl is well-positioned to drive advertising revenue growth, while prioritizing user trust, privacy, and experience in the digital landscape.

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