Expanding DALE with WebAds

Earlier this year, Adswag expanded its DALE network by incorporating domains from various publisher networks, with a special focus on integrating the entire Dutch portfolio of WebAds. This expansion not only increases the number of available domains but also adds a new dimension of quality to the DALE network. WebAds, as a renowned Dutch publisher network, brings along high-quality websites. The diverse portfolio opens the door to various and relevant advertising opportunities, allowing advertisers to target their audiences even more effectively.

An Insightful Approach

The expansion of the DALE network means more than just a larger ad inventory. It enables advertisers to adopt a deeper, strategic approach to their digital advertising strategy. With DALE, advertisers can define target audiences more accurately, place contextual ads, and use valuable insights to continuously optimize their campaigns.

Tracking-Free Advertisements for Hardwareluxx

Another notable collaboration by Adswag involved the integration of an ad server for Hardwareluxx, a leading German technology website. This partnership emerged after Hardwareluxx, in conversation with Tweakers, shared their concerns about privacy and tracking. In response, Adswag implemented a tracking-free solution, based on the successful model previously applied for Tweakers.

A Privacy-Conscious Choice

Hardwareluxx’s decision to avoid trackers and opt for a privacy-conscious approach to advertising aligns seamlessly with Adswag’s mission to provide advertisers and publishers with powerful yet respectful advertising solutions. The implementation of an ad server for Hardwareluxx emphasizes the importance of privacy in the digital advertising world.

Benefits of the Collaboration

For advertisers, collaborating with Hardwareluxx means not only access to a renowned technology website but also an audience that values privacy. The integration of a tracker-free ad server gives advertisers the opportunity to convey their message in an ethically responsible manner.

Conclusion: Innovation and Privacy Hand in Hand

These recent developments at Adswag illustrate the ongoing commitment to innovative and privacy-responsible advertising. Whether expanding the DALE network with WebAds or implementing privacy-conscious solutions for Hardwareluxx, Adswag remains dedicated to providing powerful advertising solutions that fulfill the needs of advertisers and publishers in a balanced way. The future of digital advertising is here, and Adswag is leading the way.

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