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Innovative solutions for transparancy, control and growth.

Adswag is focused on implementing and developing advanced technology that promotes fairness and equality between publishers and advertisers in the digital advertising industry.

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Solutions and advise to let your company grow.


The online media business is growing rapidly. Technological possibilities are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. Adswag support advertisers, agencies, and publishers to get a better understanding of these changes and how to cope with this.


Will you be fully in control of your media inventory and use data in a safe and legal way? By using Adhese Gateway we can audit all programmatic partners and even monetize anonymous users.

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Advertisers & Agencies

We offer online marketing solutions for advertisers and agencies that enable them to purchase inventory transparently and with direct integration with publishers. We can establish specific marketplaces that allow for buying video, display, or native ads from within a proprietary console.

Data Strategy

Adswag can give you advice and support to improve your data strategy and data management results. The access of your data will be from high quality. We work closely with our partners to achieve the best results for our clients. We can link our external data sources to the Adhese technology.

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Retail Media

Adswag doesn’t just provide retail media – we offer a comprehensive service. Our solution extends beyond measurable media placements, incorporating advanced ad technology support to enhance your campaigns. Our focus is on delivering practical results, from optimizing brand visibility to effective audience engagement. We work to make your retail media strategies more efficient. Explore Adswag for a service-oriented approach to your advertising needs.

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Adhese Gateway (for publishers) and Adhese Dale (for advertisers) provide a digital advertising platform that prioritizes efficiency, auditability, and control. Publishers determine who has access to their media and data and set the rules. Meanwhile, buyers benefit from accountability, transparency, and flexibility. The platform can be used for both identity-based and anonymous advertising, depending on legal and technical options for each pageview or ad impression.

Do you need support?

We would like to help your company grow. Please contact us to set up a meeting for advise or a solution for your business.


Adswag NRC

Enhanced Advertising Strategy of with Adhese Technology, a prominent Dutch news publication, has embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance its digital advertising capabilities while prioritizing user privacy and experience. Through the utilization of Adhese advertisement technology in conjunction with Adswag, aims to optimize its advertising revenue streams, ensure GDPR compliance, and improve user engagement through targeted and relevant content delivery.